Модел: TG-ASH-050-RT
Наличност: Външен доставчик
без ДДС: 19.43лв.

TG Shield was specially developed to protect sensitive components such as the components around the CPU or GPU die. The paint reliably insulates against liquids and electricity . So you don't have to worry about damage or short circuits when applying liquid metal or other electrically conductive heat transfer agents.

The protective varnish has been optimized for quick drying and only takes 30 minutes to fully cure at 20 degrees room temperature. The integrated brush enables precise and easy application.

The content of 5 ml is for about 10 to 20 applicationssufficient, depending on the size of the CPU or GPU. The high application temperature of -20 ° C to 110 ° C enables use on all common CPUs and GPUs, even with high loads and overclocking.

Technical details:
- Content: 5 ml (for 10 to 20 applications)
- Application temperature: -20 ° C to 110 ° C
- Red colour
- Hardening time: 30 min at 20 ° C
- Typical application: CPUs, GPUs, notebooks, ICs